The Prometheus Saga: Crystal Night

The Prometheus Saga is launching! In previous posts I talked about the unique collaboration The Alvarium Experiment and its first series of stories called The Prometheus Saga. Today, all thirteen stories in The Prometheus Saga have been launched in ebook format in Amazon’s Kindle BookStore.

Here’s what you can expect from these very talented authors:

And now… the cover reveal for my contribution to the Saga, Crystal Night:

Crystal Night, a short story from The Prometheus Saga

Crystal Night, a short story from The Prometheus Saga

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Crystal Night by Charles A Cornell
It is Berlin, November 9, 1938. On the eve of one of history’s darkest moments, a Swedish bartender with unusual talents accidentally uncovers a woman’s hidden past while working in the heart of Nazi Germany.

The story opens in Das Karussell (The Carousel), a nightclub in the center of Nazi Berlin. The club’s manager, Helga Gartner has just hired a new bartender, a young, very handsome blonde-haired, blue-eyed Swede named Johann Nilsson. By 1938, with Adolf Hitler in absolute dictatorial power over every aspect of life in Germany, identity papers are crucial. The merriment is interrupted when two Gestapo agents and a posse of brown-shirted SA stormtroopers (the Nazi Party’s paramilitary wing) enter the club to weed out undesirables and sow the seeds of terror that will become Kristallnacht, Crystal Night or The Night of Broken Glass. Helga plays a cat-and-mouse game with Gestapo agent Klaus Oberrisch over the identity of Johann Nilsson. Later her own mysterious past becomes her undoing as it collides with that of the young Swede whose mission is not of this world.

Crystal Night is told with considerable attention to detail from this infamous historical event. Although science fiction, Crystal Night is a story that brings back the terror that was for many the first time the genocide known as The Holocaust was brought to the front pages of the world’s newspapers. Crystal Night is a tale of intrigue, mystery and suspense that follows ordinary German citizens as they struggle under the jackboots of marauding brown-shirts, the dreaded Gestapo and the infamous SS. Can Prometheus, hidden under his identity of ‘Johann Nilsson’, remain detached during this ugly piece of our history, or will an alien probe become an accomplice as the Holocaust accelerates?

Excerpt from Crystal Night:
Helga winced. “You and your informants, Klaus. You’re like red wine stains on a dark carpet. You hope we’ll walk right by you without noticing you’re there. Your brownshirts patrol Berlin’s streets like escaped lions. Those thugs don’t belong anywhere near my club. I want them out of here.”
“The SA keeps the streets clean.”
“Tell that to the women who have to wash the blood off our pavements each morning.”

In coming weeks, I will be introducing you to the award winning authors of our collaboration. Enter the search term ‘Prometheus Saga’ into Amazon and you will discover the other stories. From prehistoric man, through Ancient Greece, Renaissance Europe, the American colonies, and Victorian England; up to the drama of the Twentieth Century and the mysteries of today; these twelve authors are re-inventing the short fiction experience. You can also link to them here at The Alvarium Experiment’s website.

The Authors of The Prometheus Saga

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