Professor Atticus Carr is accused of murdering a rich aristocrat he’d never met, in a place he’d never been before or traveled since, at a time when he lay sick with fever. But the evidence against him is overwhelming. Witnesses attest to the professor’s attendance at the crime scene and to his exact description, down to the details of his famous goatee and wearing the theatrical clothes that made him a celebrity as an illusionist at the Theatre Macabre. 

Professor Carr proclaims his innocence and surmises he fell victim to a deranged doctor whose Trans-Aural Topographical Machine duplicated the professor’s face, allowing him to abscond with the professor’s identity.

As The Reversible Man initiates more high crimes, how can Professor Carr exonerate himself before he’s hung for murder?

In a sleepy hamlet in the country of Aquitaine, townsfolk have been abducted by daemons of the night. With his village terrorized, the Burgher of Suddenville calls upon Professor Atticus Carr of the Institute for the Investigation of Peculiarities to identify the nature of the night crawlers. Equipped with the latest instruments of his paranormal trade, Professor Carr delves into a mystery steeped in mythology. Answers lay in the origins of an ancient urn and with a mysterious woman visited nightly by one of the daemons. Can Professor Carr unlock a portal into another dimension and rescue the villagers before they are lost in the aether forever?

A tale of fantasy and horror in the steampunk world of Professor Atticus Carr.

Harandon Hall has been besieged by the most dreadful poltergeist phenomena, occurring at the most peculiar time. Professor Atticus Carr of the Institute for the Investigation of Peculiarities, and his assistant Jeremiah Boone, must use all of their wits and all the paranormal technology at their disposal to purge the castle of its trio of dueling spectres.

A classic ghost story brimming with horror, fantasy, and weird science, set in a steampunk world.

A dragon is eating the Queen’s corgis. The problem is, in steampunk Britannia, there are no dragons. What is this monster? And where did it come from? When Professor Atticus Carr of the Institute for the Investigation of Peculiarities, and his assistant Jeremiah Boone, are called in by the Palace to investigate they follow the monster’s bloody trail and uncover a secret that threatens the social order. Inside one of the royal residences is a laboratory called The Darwin Room, where diabolical experiments are underway to advance the theory of evolution. 

A story of mystery and mayhem in the steampunk London of 1872.

A young woman has disappeared. Her twin sister has seen her spirit wandering the streets. Convinced her sister is still alive and not a ghost, she engages Professor Atticus Carr of the Institute for the Investigation of Peculiarities. Together they visit an unusual psychic medium, Madame Jeanette, who specializes in ‘traveling’ – the peculiar science of ‘out of body’ conveyance. 

A séance reveals clues to the missing girl’s whereabouts, setting in motion a desperate hunt for her abductor. What Professor Carr finds in a deserted warehouse tests the boundaries of the paranormal, resulting in a confrontation with a deranged doctor who collects young women’s souls like butterflies.

A paranormal mystery set in the steampunk London of 1872.

To say the Theatre Macabre is not an establishment of considerable import, not just in Londinium but in the entire world of the performing arts, would be a crime of impropriety. And speaking of crime, the theatre has, on more than one occasion, been the site of murder and mayhem. 

This is one of those tales. A tale of intrigue and espionage, a tale of ghostly wanderings and magical interventions, rooted in a tale of lost love.

With help from the aether, Jeremiah Boone, assistant to Professor Atticus Carr of the Institute for the Investigation of the Peculiarities, revisits a personal tragedy in the hunt for an assassin preparing to strike at the Imperial Family during a performance at the Theatre Macabre. 

Londinium is not a forgiving place. Far too often it embraces darkness like a long lost brother. Londinium is by no means a city one can take for granted, not for a single stroke on a chronometer’s dial.

Berlin, 1938. On the eve of one of history’s darkest moments, a Swedish bartender with unusual talents accidentally uncovers a woman’s hidden past while working in the heart of Nazi Germany. Crystal Night is a tale of intrigue and mystery with a twist of science fiction that follows ordinary German citizens as they struggle under the jackboots of marauding brown-shirts, the dreaded Gestapo and the infamous SS. Can the Prometheus probe as ‘Johann Nilsson’ remain detached during this ugly piece of our history, or will it become an accomplice as the Holocaust accelerates?

A short story from the multi-award winning sci-fi anthology, The Prometheus Saga

The Vietnam War, 1968. Hidden deep in the jungles of the Central Highlands, a garden of orchids with medicinal properties attracts a mysterious Chinese student. When Viet Cong guerrillas raid a nearby hamlet to steal elephants, the stranger, known by the locals as the Orchid Man, and a boy from the village are taken to the VC’s jungle camp. A large battalion from the North Vietnamese Army arrives. The camp in the rainforest is targeted by a US helicopter assault. The abducted pair become trapped in the crossfire of a brutal and deadly firefight. Many years after the battle, the involvement of the Orchid Man in the Vietnam War has created an enduring memorial in the heart of the Vietnamese jungle and left emotionally charged marks on the lives of everyone affected. A story of desperate survival in a time of conflict, as seen through the eyes of an alien.

A sci-fi short story from The Prometheus Saga, Volume Two

In modern day Japan, an American medical researcher discovers the deadly secret behind an eighty-year-old woman’s ageless appearance and incredible fertility, and her connection to the bizarre disappearance of the freighter the Ourang Medan in 1948. The ship was found drifting, her entire crew dead, their blistered faces turned to the sky, their fingers pointing skywards. Two journalists claim to know what happened aboard the Ourang Medan that night. Who chartered it and why had been a deep mystery. That is, until now. And this secret— the origin of The Children Of The Stars— now threatens mankind.

From the sci-fi anthology, Return To Earth 

In the hearts of some men pumps a darkness as thick as oil. Evil bleeds from every pore. There are two fates worse than death in the Third Reich. And both of them exist inside Die Fabrik… where the smell of sulfur would make the Devil gag.

Die Fabrik (The Factory) is a work of short fiction in the series, DragonFly: Behind Enemy Lines. These novellas and short story anthologies are companions to Missions of the DragonFly Squadron. They explore different facets of the alternative history portrayed in the world of Charles A. Cornell’s DragonFly novels. Die Fabrik (The Factory) is also featured in the horror anthology, In Shadows Written

Die Fabrik (The Factory) is a science fiction horror story in two parts. It begins with a briefing to Winston Churchill on the Blutskrieger Program by Peter Weston-Brown, a rising star within Britain’s super-secret Aegis Bureau. The Bureau has received a series of documents smuggled out of ‘Die Fabrik’, the factory of the Third Reich’s Diesel-Mechanical Institute, where Dr. Heidi Schwann works beside the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele. The documents, written on vellum made from human skin by an inmate known only as ‘Gustav’, are an eye-witness account of the unspeakable horror inside the factory that produces the Blutskrieger, the Nazis’ bio-mechanical warriors whose existence are beyond evil. 

It is April, 1942. Several months previously, the head of Hitler’s Zauber Korps, Reichsführer Bernhardt Morax, declared to Adolf Hitler that the Third Reich’s Blutskrieger Program was operational and battle ready. Britain’s spy network inside the Third Reich has sent urgent warnings to London. Dramatic revisions to Hitler’s military plans were nearing completion. Propaganda posters were appearing on the streets of every German city. ‘Blutskrieg’ was coming. And Britain was the target.

Take a deep breath and enter ‘The Factory’. Learn about ‘der Prozess’. Picture yourself inside a place where there are two punishments worse than death and where the shadows are curtains behind which Satan hides… and then reflect on the historical precedent for such unimaginable fiction. Think of future advances in science, and ask yourself, could this come true one day if those evil enough to think of it, would try it?

Be warned! This story is not suitable for readers with a sensitive disposition. But if you are a fan of horror, it doesn’t get more horrifying than this!

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