Six Amazing Steampunk Paranormal Mysteries

From the pomp of The Imperial Quarter to the slums of Pritchard’s Green. From the furnaces of The Barrens to The Theatre Macabre. Join Professor Carr and Jeremiah Boone on six amazing adventures as they unravel metaphysical mysteries and do battle with deranged scientists and diabolical daemons in the Steampunk Britannia of 1872.

2018 Reader’s Favorite Silver Medal – YA Action

2014 FWA Royal Palm Literary Award Finalist

It’s 1942. Veronica Somerset battles the odds to become Britain’s first female fighter pilot in a World War re-imagined like never before. Fantastic technology. Dangerous fighting machines. Wizards battling across the boundary between good and evil. An unlikely heroine has the fate of a nation in her hands.

A wild 5-star dieselpunk adventure set in an alternative WW2. 

2012 FWA Royal Palm Literary Award – Best Thriller

A serial killer dismantles a corrupt Wall Street financier’s empire one body at a time. FBI profiler Scott Forrester uncovers the deadly secret of the demon-worshipping Hindu cult behind the murders. Firmly in their assassin’s crosshairs, he’s forced to take the fight underground to stop the killing spree. 


Crystal Night

2016 FWA Royal Palm Literary Award – Best Novella

My short story from the multiple award winning Sci-Fi anthology The Prometheus Saga.

Berlin, 1938. On the eve of one of history’s darkest moments, a Swedish bartender with unusual talents accidentally uncovers a woman’s hidden past while working in the heart of Nazi Germany. Crystal Night is a tale of intrigue and mystery with a twist of science fiction that follows ordinary German citizens as they struggle under the jackboots of marauding brown-shirts, the dreaded Gestapo and the infamous SS. Can the Prometheus probe as ‘Johann Nilsson’ remain detached during this ugly piece of our history, or will it become an accomplice as the Holocaust accelerates?


The Orchid Man

2019 FWA Royal Palm Literary Award Finalist – Novelette

My short story from the second volume of the Sci-Fi anthology The Prometheus Saga.

The Vietnam War, 1968. Hidden deep in the jungles of the Central Highlands, a garden of orchids with medicinal properties attracts a mysterious Chinese student. When Viet Cong guerrillas raid a nearby hamlet to steal elephants, the stranger, known by the locals as the Orchid Man, and a boy from the village are taken to the VC’s jungle camp. The abducted pair become trapped in the crossfire of a brutal and deadly firefight with the Americans. A story of desperate survival in a time of conflict, as seen through the eyes of an alien.

Children Of The Stars

2018 FWA Royal Palm Literary Award Finalist – Short Story

My science fiction short story from the Return To Earth anthology. Children of The Stars will be the basis of a new Sci-Fi novel series. Look out for it soon!

A medical researcher uncovers a bizarre and dangerous mystery in modern day Japan. They were abducted. Now they’ve returned. The human race has been transformed, reborn in space, transported back to Earth by an alien race with unknown intent. With the aliens’ spawn among us, how can we tell who they are, before it’s too late?

A Survivor’s Guide to Working at a Big Corporation is an irreverent look at corporate culture. This book was written to be as different from other business self-help books as possible. In today’s economy you need all the survival tips you can get.

Could a complete idiot run your BigCorp better than your current CEO? Find out in Harvey Drinkwater & The Cult of Savings.

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