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Concerning The Peculiarium, being a quote from Theatre Macabre, one of the steampunk paranormal mysteries in The Most Peculiar Tales:

Emma Langsford, a tailor’s daughter, tended the shelves at the professor’s favourite book shoppe, The Peculiarium. The book shoppe’s rare collections were ever-changing…on many occasions, when Emma introduced me to a newly acquired publication of some antiquity, we struck up a conversation as if the professor’s wants were my own. However, her informed commentary overpowered me. Ashamed at my poor schooling, I feigned an educated interest and offered responses more akin to fraud than opinion. I knew she could see into my failings. But she was kind, ever so gentle with her guidance, most instructive. The professor was always well pleased with what I brought back from The Peculiarium. In truth, it was not my judgment at the root of the purchases, but hers. – Jeremiah Boone, Esq.

“Ever so gentle and most instructive.” Those words should be the motto emblazoned above the door to my Steampunk Library, for it is an honest effort to curate the best of today’s steampunk literature despite the failings of Amazon to categorize steampunk correctly (as I explained in a previous post). My intent is to showcase as many top quality works from highly rated steampunk authors as I can. Once you’ve discovered one of their novels, Amazon makes it easy for you to find more of their literature. In the future, I hope to enlist my author friends for guest reviews. Sign up for my newsletter to keep in touch.

Admission is free through If you’re eager to get started, you can jump through the portal directly by clicking Steampunk Library. Here’s what you will find inside:

Pioneers – The early works of steampunk that helped establish and expand the genre.

Best Sellers – The top steampunk titles in the Amazon Kindle Store. Yes, these are really steampunk!

Recommended – Contemporary steampunk that have glowing reviews from readers.

Romance – Top titles in this very popular genre with readers.

New Releases – recently released publications to add to your library.

Undiscovered – Voices that deserve a read.

Freebies – Perma-free offerings, usually the first of a series. Some free offers might have expired (sorry!)

The Classics – The works of Victorian futurists and fantasy writers that inspired today’s writers and formed the basis of the modern retrofuturistic genre.

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Post by Charles A Cornell

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