Ex Machina: The Cerebral SciFi Thriller

When was the last time you saw a science fiction movie that made you think? I mean really, REALLY think. About what might happen. Really soon?

Was it a Star Wars movie? Star Trek? The Avengers? I don’t think so.

Blade Runner? That was 1982. Thirty years ago. Minority Report? I, Robot? These movies were over ten years ago. Something that challenged your perception of our immediate future. A future that could be around the corner. A plausible future. Tomorrow. Or the next day.

Ex Machina: a Facebook-era billionaire has translated every data point of human interaction and created a cybernetic brain, a miraculous creation of artificial intelligence. A being that may be real, in the human sense. That may have emotions, in the human sense. Or… Not.

Caleb, a geeky low-level worker in this reclusive billionaire’s high tech enterprise, has been invited to his remote enclave, a facility in the middle of nowhere, to test the bridge between human intelligence and artificial intelligence. Caleb is asked to participate in the Turing-Test, the defining answer to the question: has man created his cybernetic double? Have we finally bridged the gap between sapient being and programmable machine?

No spoilers here. That’s it for exposition. That’s all I want to tell you about this movie’s plot, about the characters. Anything else would be too much to reveal.

This sci-fi thriller is different. Expect to think. Expect to absorb each word in its carefully crafted script; a script that reminds me so much of the intense verbal intercourse in ‘Silence of the Lambs’ between Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lechter. Challenge every assumption you’ve heard about artificial intelligence. Expect the unexpected. Fall in love with Ava – the perfection of one man’s ultimate ambition – as Caleb does. She’s beautiful. She’s intelligent. She’s learning what it takes to be a human. If only she could escape. If only she could be set free from within the confines of her antiseptic, stark world, and be allowed to step outside, to step into a world of color and light; the world Caleb yearns for her to see, if only he could set her free.

‘Ex Machina’ asks more questions than it answers. And today, that is such a rare thing movies will do. I urge you to see it for yourself. Find your own answers. Can we trust that our future will be safe?

My Five Stars.

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Post by Charles A Cornell

As an author, my overactive imagination fills my mind with three dimensional puzzles of stacked what-if questions that cry out for answers. You can find me fueling my creativity amidst the chaos of a very busy life in my writer’s den where I dream up whimsical adventures that range from the satirical to the macabre which I then blog about on CharlesACornell.com

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