A Weekend at The Asylum

If someone asked you if you wanted to join them for a weekend at an asylum, you’d think they were crazy, wouldn’t you? But not this asylum. Because it is The Asylum, the biggest Steampunk festival in the world. Held annually in the medieval town of Lincoln in England at the end of August, this four day Steampunk extravaganza with its 100,000 visitors takes over the whole town…from its ancient castle and cathedral; to its cobbled pavements, shops, and pubs; and even a whole university campus!

With a radio-controlled Steampunk R2D2

Crazy? You betcha. This is the Disneyland of Crazy! Crazy fun…Crazy creative…Crazy inspirational…and Crazy friendly. It’s creativity on steroids. Imagination running wild. From teapots to octopuses, from goggles to blunderbusses; Lincoln is awash with people of all ages wearing the most outlandish costumes of pure fantasy and engineered whimsy…a true cornucopia of couture creations, most lovingly handmade and featuring the finest fabrics and the most unusual bespoke accouterments. Each costume wearer aspires to outdo the other in a competition in which everyone, including the tourist muggles, wins. Clockwork handbags and brass jetpacks are but a few of a multitude of fine gadgets, accessories and accompaniments to adorn the well-equipped Lady Explorer or the splendid Gentleman Adventurer for escapades in their Victorian/Edwardian world set in a future that never was, or at a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party brewed within a fantasy on the other side of Alice’s looking-glass. 

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend immersed in this cultural phenomenon as both a purveyor of my own fine literature and as a participant in panel discussions on the literary aspects of Steampunk. I had a fabulous time, made many new friends, and sold out all of my books!

The panel on steampunk world building with (from left to right) comic artists Colin Mathieson, Steve Tanner, me, authors Raven Dane and Colin McCall



John Bunce of London, and his incredible clockwork inventions


With Steve & Liz of Time Bomb Comics




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Post by Charles A Cornell

As an author, my overactive imagination fills my mind with three dimensional puzzles of stacked what-if questions that cry out for answers. You can find me fueling my creativity amidst the chaos of a very busy life in my writer’s den where I dream up whimsical adventures that range from the satirical to the macabre which I then blog about on CharlesACornell.com

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